Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking through the astral... Archcons, Gnostics & You.

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.
Barbara Hand Clow, GrandMother Sky, is doing the radio circuit because she has information to put out.  It's the kind of information that can play at drama, but nevertheless, it's important that we know.  It's important that we make individual choices to be considered a part of the process.... evolution is happening right now; before your eyes.   
Are you paying attention?
The information give in these radio shows is important right now.  Please give them a listen.

Everything is perceptual and multidimensional, have you noted?  Many of us are walking through the jello of the 4th Dimension *the Astral plane*... a space between worlds of myth and enchantments.  And if there is  magic in fear and lonliness, the birthplace of what is being referred to as the Archcon's ... the reptilian cast, those who have played GOD to the throngs of 'believers' within Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions, then magic is afoot.  We are being so boldly lied to by Corporate Earth (of which those religions are subsidiaries) that it's become vogue to be punked on national and global levels.  Consciousness is being 'messed around with' right now and we are challenged to break through the darkness *fear*of it all into Planetary Consciousness... Christ Consciousness... Unity Consciousness... Global Consciousness.  Well, we do have it, **you are using it at this very second!**  A cohesive Planetary Consciousness that hums with love is our goal.   (Remember?)   This is info you'll want to listen in on. 

Here now; give a listen: I am a maker.  I introduce what I make, talk to you about how I've come to make what I make and why.  Who has inspired me?  The Ancestors and my mentors.  I'm sorta like a Mayan, because I think I am simply just 'another yourself'.  I'm certainly a crone but I'm not a hypnotherapist.  I'm more or less a self evolved aromachologist.   I was trained far away to be an aromatherapist, but that's not what I do.  I've never used my science degree in psyche except that I taught as a sub teacher in upstate NY for a year after college.  I've been very inspired by the stories of our Ancestors and it was Mr. Campbell who steered me onto that path.  What I do is blend.  I'm a blender of Indigenous scents (plant medicines) and vibrational (flower essences) to specifically create a quality of mind.  I do go around a teach people about that.  I scribble a lot about it.  AND I LOVE WHAT I DO.  Do you?  It has come to the  time when this is vital for survival.   

The world is teetering on money.  We are slaves to Corporate Earth, an entity that pushes us headlong into species extinction.  Count the loss of animal, plant kingdoms per day.  It's horrifying.  Greed and profiteering is the root chakra of the beast... no! not that old pal.... the real beast... the maddness aloft right now.  The true Gaian currency is honest information. 
If you have the time, listen to the radio shows.  They give you some honest information. 

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