Monday, October 24, 2016

The Blue Kachina & the Water Protectors at Standing Rock - THE NATIONS GATHER

{The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to immediately intervene in the escalating situation between protesters and law enforcement over construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the tribe's chairman told NBC News on Sunday night.
"The DOJ should be enlisted and expected to investigate the overwhelming reports and videos demonstrating clear strong-arm tactics, abuses and unlawful arrests by law enforcement," Chairman Dave Archambault II told NBC News.}

In the Book of the Hopi, Frank Waters recounted the story of the Blue Kachina as revealed by Hopi GrandFather Dan.  Nearly 30 years ago, while Black Elk still taught, when the Harmonic Convergence was being assimilated by a global spiritual community, Indigenous Nations began to express their stories... having aroused eager listeners. The US Government has broken every treaty ever penned or beaded between the Great White Fathers and the Nations of Northern America.... the "Eagle's Wing" of the Continent.  The depleted and abused "reservation" lifestyle was recognized as an ongoing despicable robbery of the lands and the culture of the most ancient communities in America.  Communities with Traditions of living partnership with our Earth Mother and Her children. So the storytelling offered a prophecy of the End Times and the return of the Blue Kachina and his kin.  As in all human culture, the power of the myth becomes the potent realization of cycles: humanity and it's complicated evolution of conscious awareness of who they are and why they exist in tandem with an abused and neglected for profit Earth Mother.   It is told that the Blue Kachina would be witnessed at dances and the children would talk about meeting them.  They have.  In spectacular numbers including children known as 'crystal' or 'indigo' ... they have spoken for over 10 years of some form of a Blue Kachina in their midst.  The advent of the 'end times' was recognized in astronomical terms too, as the fire in the sky (a comet arriving - which there are many to point at and assume herald the event) being the Blue Kachina's arrival, soon to be followed by his twin brother, the Red Kachina; the Purifier.  Vital to the moment we stand in is the prophecy inclusion of the 'rise of the Nations - Together', an unprecedented event in Indigenous communities.  While Nations have joined together geographically to some extent, never have they virtually ALL come together to STAND.   It is told that when this occurs, a new world is birthing and the Nations shall lead the way.  The earth shall be covered in the Turtle's hair, sweetgrass will grow again (indeed, there has been a bit of a shortage of green, tall, vibrantly vanilla sweet sweetgrass for a couple of years / generally the best coming out of Canada).  Yet in the last year, sweetgrass again is sweet smelling and plentiful.   You could say about the same for the preferred white sage plant... drought and fire has made white sage plants from the SW slightly more expensive and sometimes difficult to find.  Strongly similar traditions - myths fill Egyptian and Maya storytelling.  You can find it within nearly every culture, if you look close enough.  Planted in megolithic stone edifices or standing structures, scribed into the stone of pyramids, recounted in Hermetic foundations of cathedrals or architecture and displayed on the stones of the SW American deserts... our Ancestors left us clues of how to evolve our awareness and RE MEMBER ourselves in harmony with our Home, the Earth Mother... the single most vital crisis humanity faces in the moment
The messages will be found written in the living stone, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. (Crop Circles have been found in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.
Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane, some in whole groups.

As frightening as these prophecies - myth are, you only need to be in the Now to understand the compatible truth of what is happening in societies and fully within cultures across the planet, yet with notable exceptions: Indigenous communities. Spiritual communities are are following the lead provided.  Today we face a new choice in our political systems ... everywhere.  Here in America the old God is falling.  The moment of the Goddess is here.  There are many who would claim our Presidential race is the worst selection of candidates to ever step up.  I disagree, seeing the moment of the Goddess being invested.  To quote a woman who has pioneered the elevation of feminine authority and authenticity in our spiritual and environmental communities, Starhawk “People think they hate Hillary Clinton, but really they hate the political system,” she said. “Hillary Clinton is bearing the brunt of people’s dissatisfaction with the whole thing, just as women always catch all the flak.”   There is no doubt that Sec. Clinton has made many mistakes in her career of public service, yet, she has more than surmounted them with accomplishments that have generated the healing of children, women and whole communities on a global scale.  This is fact.  
We STAND at epoch.  What kind of epoch, 'new age', we will determine with our choices. I would bring you to Standing Rock, the Water Protectors in N. Dakota.  The STAND being made by hundreds of Nations.  They face daily aggression and abuse by corporate entities seeking to spoil the Earth Mother, endanger the future of our water sources, steal the histories and Sacred places of the Indigenous to PROFIT the few ... degrade and marginalize the many.  Earth Justice is called for!  This is how it stands :
Various people on the ground reported night-before-last on Facebook that:
  • Four semi-trucks worth of pipe were being delivered to the burial sites that were desecrated on Labor Day. 
  • Photos show them parked ON the desecrated grave sites with trucks. Cranes, pipes, and equipment are being delivered. 
  • Helicopters are overhead. [The ‘copters are constant, keeping the camps awake at night.]
  • At least one new blockade is set up, facilitated by the national guard, north of camp, on highway 1806, just south of Fort Rice.
  • Bi-plane is now circling. 
These are all shots over the bow to incite our people to gather and force us to protect our ancestral burial sites.

These are the Peaceful Warriors / the WATER PROTECTORS, standing with coop sticks, 
the only 'weapon' of the honorable warrior.  No harm is done, the tapping is the victory.

Human rights abuses are happening every day.  The sheriff has his knee in the 
back of a teenaged Arapaho girl standing as a Water Protector.

It is illegal to desecrate Native American sacred sites or burial mounds.  The Dept. of Justice needs to step in.  You can make your voice heard by posting on your social media accounts ... signing the petitions to the White House ... and here is one of the most potent actions' you can take; Lightworkers!  On a daily basis, send healing Light to the Water Protectors to keep their STAND.  Invest protective white Light around the scared lands of the Nations and their boarders.  Be of Light, HEAL and PROTECT.  STAND.  

We are all related.  

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Samhain ... all Harvests' call Death, here is the Last One of the Year!

Samhain, pronounced sow-wen, is the feast of the dead.  When we Celts (and so many other cultures of the northern hemisphere) celebrate a "Day of the Dead" we welcome our Ancestors home to share their wisdom and love with us.  We prepare the Samhain meal, setting the plates for the honored Dead and invite them to join us in the last season of Death before the resting story time of winter.  The Queen (GrandMother) of the Underworld joins us expressing the Dance Macabre, the dance of the Dead, as the olde toils of preserving the Harvest is underway, a Harvest of slaughter.  When the meat is preserved, blood saturates the earth, joining the ichor of the gods creating Union.  

That is the ancient way! Still, we prepare and give over to Tradition just so.  In the country, they still slaughter the fattest, gather the grains and fruits left to gather and enjoy the decadence.  Here in America we witness a very public battle for the death of the Dying God who must rest his head in the Goddess' lap as she raises Her sickle!

Try a bit of
Witch Oil!
This is the final solar holiday, a moment of hope and fulfillment. The gathering of our toils, the invitation to share with our Ancestors and the knowledge that we will successfully travel the 'darkness' of the year... that We Will.   The darkness already approaches and we 'put up' the winter fuel of August's grains, September's fruits and at last, October's slaughter (the meats).   Without them, we perish.   Ancient wisdom.  

We are under the influences of Scorpio!  The energies and symbolism of Scorpio guide us through the approaching and finality of the darkness.  For instance, there is the Phoenix - ultimate physical death and rejuvenation!  This is the feel of Autumn and it's energy and renewal.  It often requires effort, the death of the old can present a fright of change.  The hope in this season is that when the change comes, it's for the better.  As love and grief often dance together, when we've nothing to harvest, it's okay!  Hecate, a Queen of the Underworld, heals us with an awareness between veils, between worlds, allowing our Ancestors to comfort and guide (a time to revel in the stories of what was and what is and what may come).   The overwhelming nightmarish troubles... financial, physical, emotional ... are on the cusp.  Scorpio promises a rebirth while Samhain acknowledges the transition of the dead.  Something better waits for us.  Inner exploration is called on encouraging us to revisit past life traumas and successes, intuition is awakened and understanding leads to acceptance in revealing what was hidden. Rah! Scorpio!   Spiritual healing is all physical healing.  

How can you invite the energies and mysticism of the season in?  

Take time to get re-acquainted with yourself! Alone time has many different expressions...  meditation, yoga, nature walks, personal rituals of conversation with your guides or those you hold in esteem as god/goddess or higher power.  Fish!  (my personal old meditation time)  Watch a movie that moves you, it's cathartic!  Take a walk, no matter what kind of environment you live in, nature is Always there to give you hope and renewal; even when these incredible climate change outrages are surrounding us... have you ever come upon a flower growing up through the pavement?  You see?  Do as you feel to encourage yourself in the death that is approaching and the renewal it truly promises.  Invite your Animal brothers and sisters to help you.  Raven, Owl, Deer, Whale, Otter ... they take us outside of ourselves in healing ways to show us what simplicity and authenticity offers us. 

Above are the Ancestors; the ghosts within... we carry them inside of us.  Our DNA is robust with their compliments.  There is the physical DNA of the body, us, Below... Samhain brings in our tune-up of Above DNA, also.   There is no "death" in the physical world, only transition and transformation.  It's the essential celebration at Samhain, for me.   Hermetic wisdom educates us: As Above - the spiritual DNA we eternally gather of past lives, the guides who  come and go to work with and through us, those avatars and godforms of corporate identity that gift us with inspiration and abilities, the alpha / omega identifying the All That Is within us! This is the parting of the veils of the season.  A renewal with our holistic selves!  

Every ritual, acknowledgement or celebration of candy corn and sweets brings us the opportunity to peek into ourselves with a new clarity that shows us the way forward and reminds us of who we really are.  Happy Samhain!  ghb 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Breaking through the astral... Archcons, Gnostics & You.

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.
Barbara Hand Clow, GrandMother Sky, is doing the radio circuit because she has information to put out.  It's the kind of information that can play at drama, but nevertheless, it's important that we know.  It's important that we make individual choices to be considered a part of the process.... evolution is happening right now; before your eyes.   
Are you paying attention?
The information give in these radio shows is important right now.  Please give them a listen.

Everything is perceptual and multidimensional, have you noted?  Many of us are walking through the jello of the 4th Dimension *the Astral plane*... a space between worlds of myth and enchantments.  And if there is  magic in fear and lonliness, the birthplace of what is being referred to as the Archcon's ... the reptilian cast, those who have played GOD to the throngs of 'believers' within Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions, then magic is afoot.  We are being so boldly lied to by Corporate Earth (of which those religions are subsidiaries) that it's become vogue to be punked on national and global levels.  Consciousness is being 'messed around with' right now and we are challenged to break through the darkness *fear*of it all into Planetary Consciousness... Christ Consciousness... Unity Consciousness... Global Consciousness.  Well, we do have it, **you are using it at this very second!**  A cohesive Planetary Consciousness that hums with love is our goal.   (Remember?)   This is info you'll want to listen in on. 

Here now; give a listen: I am a maker.  I introduce what I make, talk to you about how I've come to make what I make and why.  Who has inspired me?  The Ancestors and my mentors.  I'm sorta like a Mayan, because I think I am simply just 'another yourself'.  I'm certainly a crone but I'm not a hypnotherapist.  I'm more or less a self evolved aromachologist.   I was trained far away to be an aromatherapist, but that's not what I do.  I've never used my science degree in psyche except that I taught as a sub teacher in upstate NY for a year after college.  I've been very inspired by the stories of our Ancestors and it was Mr. Campbell who steered me onto that path.  What I do is blend.  I'm a blender of Indigenous scents (plant medicines) and vibrational (flower essences) to specifically create a quality of mind.  I do go around a teach people about that.  I scribble a lot about it.  AND I LOVE WHAT I DO.  Do you?  It has come to the  time when this is vital for survival.   

The world is teetering on money.  We are slaves to Corporate Earth, an entity that pushes us headlong into species extinction.  Count the loss of animal, plant kingdoms per day.  It's horrifying.  Greed and profiteering is the root chakra of the beast... no! not that old pal.... the real beast... the maddness aloft right now.  The true Gaian currency is honest information. 
If you have the time, listen to the radio shows.  They give you some honest information. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's coming up?

BTR show 1/5/11

I’m going to do some coverage on the beginning of the year’s astrological events, how they are bound to affect us this year and why we should be paying attention.  And – the tools we can use to better help sync ourselves with the possibilities of change on a global level. 

The solstice sun last Dec rose closest to / in alignment / the Galactic Center (Hunab Ku – the black hole center of the Milky Way).  Combined with the full moon lunar eclipse on the final winter solstice of the Mayan calendar, the opportunity is being opened before us to take part in a global consciousness that will activated your individual multidimensional consciousness capability.  It’s a preparation for the Universal Underworld (T’zolkin) that transforms time accelleration again….

The INTERNET is providing a global consciousness, as well it should… the ending of Day Seven on a new moon in scorpio last November was the fruition of the technology age with it’s goal to move humanity into the a Oneness…. Something achievable through social networks and the internet, now.  Mass consciousness looks up when world news breaks, like WikiLeaks… the information trust of Julian Assange… whether the fellow is a hacker for attention or glory hound, he’s accomplished and continues to maintain a stunning flow of information, new knowledge, to share openly / freely through the internet.  He’s empowering us with information.  INFROMATION IS BECOMING THE CURRENCY OF OUR WORLD.   Our ability to unify and make mass changes, in aligned groups, is a dream within the New Age community … whose time has come.  I urge you to wake up and smell the new dawn. 

The question of human evolution is prominent again.  As we choose groups of people to work with in making a difference, those karma collectives we are drawn to, we shed any notion of being sheepele.. and take on a unique individuality that’s not daunted by sharing the load or the recognition.   Egoless is not the correct term.  Ego harmony might be it.  Working together becomes the success and satisfaction for us.  Nothing happens on our own.  Shedding the need to be lead, or the need to lead and unifying in purpose, project or goal, we are about to achieve actual progress.   Reality will shift in this process…. It might get confusing to us physically, emotionally, spiritually.   I think we’re being urged to trust our intutions and instincts going forward.  We’ve had time to become aware and we do know how to shift our awareness but the thing is, we’ve done all of this before… remember we came out of the sea and grew up from there!  We are doing it again. 

Gamma rays are hitting us like pinpricks of evolution right now….right out of the heart of heaven.  We are being galactically imprinted… for evolution.  Imprinted is a hand up, but it’s up to us to awaken to these Light teachers hitting us with galactic information.  The galactic info is a lens for recognizing the separate dimensions before us.   And there is a power aid in the heart of heaven to assist us… out there in Galactic Center / the black hole of the Milky Way a resource of gamma rays are pumping up the volume, as I said last week.  In early November the discovery of gamma ray filled bubbles extending 25,000 light years in either direction creating the equivilant energy of a 100,000 supernova explosions.  This is real stuff… Astrophysical Journal published the discovery in November… look for the article by Dennis Overbye.   “Bubble of Energy found in the Galaxy”.  

This winter we begin to integrate multidimensional consciousness …. The opportunity is here.  We can keep an ongoing conversation alive with our multidimensional selves and companions.  The tools we’ve worked on for so many years are coming to point.   Visualizations, vibratory and homeopathic formulas, essences, fragrances, minerals, crystals and gemstones… all can be ramped up to assist you in calling and recognizing your transisitional guides.  Guides that aid your karmic collective groups.  The emphasis is on our 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th chakras.  Check the DOI website for our new higher frequency chakra oils… 9, 10, 11, 12 th chakra oils.  These are higher vibrational / frequency oils blended with exotic florals and woods.  You can find them at http: or you can find a link on our show page.

And any of you who call the bench and mention Outlaw Metaphysica show can purchase the new chakra or original chakra oils for only $10 each. 

Tools are useful… remember, working with imagery, visualizations and using sound tone music with fragrance and ebbing crystal / gemstone / mineral accompaniment is valuable.  It assists you in making connections much swifter and with more anchor. 

We are faced with developing the dynamics of creating something new while the old disintegrates all around us.  We don’t know how long this is going to take… but, well … Bring it on!   We are facing new karmic pathways …. Sharpen your cosmic machetes!   Plowing the road is getting to be old task for some of us.  We’ve just come through some monumental changes / even though it may seem on the political front that a dastardly status quo has been maintained / behind it all, things are dissolving … just not the way we see it on the surface.  Think of WikiLeaks, of the social networking that leads to conversations between strangers who become allied with singlular purposes that transcend culture, spiritual / religious orientation and apathy.  Strangers who find a commitment in saving the planet and the human species….who have no idea of any booga booga new age Harmonic Convergence and Galactic / Cosmic explosions… they are drawn together in the Hope of creating a safe, sustainable, clean, wholesome worldview evolution that saves their family… their dreams… their hopes.  And friends…. That’s where we’ve been headed all along.  This is the maturing of our souls’.  A new awareness and understanding of our purpose in life.  Folks on facebooks talk the talk and in mind if they are walking the walk… the intentions are a generator of huge consciousness / a force to be reckoned with.  We are forming a unique new cultural movement… a struggle for political transparency and justice.  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"ZERO Tolerance" in NYC?

Have you heard about "Zero Tolerance" in New York right now?  We are mainly speaking about 1st Amendment issues, religious freedoms and the right to be.    An issue circling 'ground zero' in New York has the very 'ground zero of liberalism' (my own definition) ADL standing against allowing a Islamic community center to opened at Ground Zero.   Mayor Bloomberg addressed the issue with Empire State pride:

The Anti-Defamation League said it has no use for the bigots who have used anti-Islamic rhetoric to try and block the project.:
["However, there are understandably strong passions and keen sensitivities surrounding the World Trade Center site," the organization said in a statement.
"We are ever mindful of the tragedy which befell our nation there."
This is not, the ADL said, "a question of rights, but a question of what is right."
"In our judgment, building an Islamic Center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain - unnecessarily - and that is not right."
The ADL also said "some legitimate questions have been raised" about who funding the project and "what connections, if any, its leaders might have with groups whose ideologies stand in contradiction to our shared values."
J Street, a rival Jewish civil rights group that tangled with the ADL in the past, accused the venerable organization of giving in to the "fear mongerers."
Meanwhile, the Interfaith Alliance in Washington said it was disappointed in the ADL.
The Cordoba Initiative, the group planning the mosque, had no immediate statement.] - NY Daily News

Color me confused!  I am a member of the ACLU... ADL is just a more compacted, better member organized version of it with an intellectual accent!  I was born in and went to school in the Empire State.  I consider it mega evolved, they have set the regular standard for conscious growth and politics.  With all of the infighting and corruption intact, you can still stand New York state against any other as state of awareness. Conscious politics and walking a spiritual talk is still possible in the Big Apple.
Join Asa and Gwen in discussion about the ongoing argument over religious freedom and the investment of an Islamic community center a few blocks from Ground Zero. The arguments are being engaged by several groups, polarizing the downtown community and the American nation (in general). Join us discussing how religious freedom and the 1st Amendment are being examined through demonstration. Are you walking your spiritual talk?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Conscious Business & BTR "OM - outlaw metaphysica"

It's mean season in FL, a good time to be fiddling around inside, out the skin prickling sun and being creative.  So, it's been Cosmic Comedy Radio Show with Nicole Tomassini up in NYC and now Daughters of Isis is sponsoring a BTR ( show hooked to this outlaw metaphysica blog.  The show will be hosted by myself, the blender and my friend / business partner, Asa Hoffman.  I hope you will join us at 11pm (the 11th hour) live at  OM!  

Our first outing will focus on conscious business.  A conscious business is an enterprise tended with love and Light.  First description.  The more common grasp explains business in demonstration aware of all the cause and effect the business is responsible for.  A 'conscious businessperson' develops their business with specific attention paid to how it will change humanity and the planet in a positive, evolving dynamic.  To quote many: [Conscious Business describes a movement of business people towards 'valued based' economic value... values represent social and environmental concerns local and global.]  The one agreed on rule of conscious business (there are none in complicit agreement standard) is to DO NO HARM.  Great rule, been agreed on by almost every culture humanity has formed.  The origins of conscious business sprung from the theory Corporate Social Responsibility.  Working models include Not Just for Profit Business Models, Conscious Consumerism and Socially Responsible Investing.  It's a form of capitalism that reinvests in the stability of all the staples of business, any business, while turning a happy, well adjusted profit for the business people and those who invest in them.  This way of life, of living is a model ... the rules are elastic according to the individual(s) creating business and those who purchase from them.  
Environmentalism and the Green economy is bedrock here.   It's a tag line of new business: People, Planet, Profit.
Here are trade marks:
Creating a co-working space that honors the individuals no matter what the job they perform is.
Providing benefits for everyone equally to the job / time they preform and give.
Always use the Fair Trade materials for manufacturing or sales.
Support for Fair Trade resources / communities everywhere.
Invest in your community with time, creativity and your profits.

A Green Business is expected to follow certain guidelines:
Recycle.  The the fullest extent possible.
Build zero impact / Green workplaces that will stand through time.
Using green energy / solar or wind or both... when possible.
Always purchase organic / sustainable farming goods or materials.
Develop resources with the same Green committments.
Work to shape more Green business partners. 
Use sustainable product packaging.

These are few of the basics we will be discussing,  Please join us and call in with your Green business stories! 
Monday night 11pm BTR ... online.  (Link above!)   OM - outlaw metaphysica radio show

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dreaming the Spider GrandMother this summer...Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon 6/26

Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 26:   Summer Solstice has given way to phenomenal planetary incidents that are all connective, a new weave into the larger web of our shifting consciousness that is going to be felt for many years.  We are consciously and unconsciously seeking to establish evolutionary patterns in survival, solutions for and to manifest a new paradigm.  We should be constantly releasing our FEARS now, it will compel us more fully into compassionate service.  Most of all, pay attention to and honor your dreams through summer, the Spider GrandMother weaves her web of connectivity and creativity among us all, now.  She is asking us to "make our world".  A very sterile world looms in shadow, the Goddess is urging us to banish it.

In between worlds has become as unstable as the world in which our bodies walk on the Earth Mother.  Go and check it out!  Take care of yourself on the Zuvuya (astral plane or 4D) right now... archetypal interaction on a personal level triggers the great stinger on the busy bee of physical and shamanic death, buzzing through this summer... tending to focus our awareness on the difficulties in relating to and experiencing opposition with those asleep to the changes underway.  The best idea is to let it inspire compassion in us.   The summer invites us to learn and grow through our insect animal brothers and sisters; this summer it a potent awakening time between us.  Progress in all worlds is subject to the accelerating time, things are in a transitioning reality.   Ceremony and ritual will contribute greater positive resonance within the shifts we are experiencing... in groups or performed solitary in nature, bringing ourselves into alignment with the Earth Mother and the assisting the archetypes who are so close to us now will bring more and more stability into these changing times.  It's vital that we ground in our bodies and do the thing we do as well as we might... fully, heavily grounded.   We are shifting back and forth between ecstatic creativity, new world manifestation and awesome cataclysms within a world becoming more and more susceptible to our intentions!   More than ever, working with Light visualization techniques is vital to accomplish your personally shifted consciousness!  There is extra volume in the Light to be tapped right now! Imagineering gains greater manifest levels throughout the summer while the transformation in shamanic death beckons each of us as the mirror image of the black death filling our Gulf of Mexico.  Allow the residual solstice energies to align you with the Earth Mother and pay attention to the Full Moon - partial Lunar eclipse this week! 
"The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 26, there is a grand cross alignment that occurs. This grand cross can be a very optimistic sign, and many call it a birth of a new Spirit that will uplift our energy, and open our hearts. If we look back, we can remember the grand cross of 1999, and it was life changing for me in a positive way."  Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) of 26 June 2010 is conjunct Pluto very closely by just 41 minutes. Astrologers have been very interested in this for a while because it is a trigger for the big T-square with Saturn opposite Uranus, both square Pluto. Major upheavels have been predicted including social and political unrest, more economic collapses, and more catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic activity. The chart for this Lunar Eclipse shows a powerful Grand Cross configuration which can be a sign of suffering but also of giving service to those in need.  It denotes:
  • soul evolution
  • major cosmic transformations
  • creativity out of destruction
  • it's relative to huge physical explosions on either side of the event
  • huge shifts in global politics / including multi-national corporations & organized crime
  • awful endings / new, brighter beginnings
None of previously recorded eclipses' have been in the 'grand cross' configuration!  With the ongoing gush from a mile below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico, this bodes extreme situations.  Still, it's time to batten our hatches and settle into the ride for as long as we might hold on... eh?   Pluto rides us.  A fixed star conjuncts Uranus in this 'grand cross',  Kaus Medius, where typically conjunctions among the outer planets have included these incidents:

[The last time Uranus was conjunct Kaus Medius in 1989, Ruhollah Khomeini put a bounty on the head of Salman Rushdie, a geomagnetic storm shut down the Hydro-Quebec power grid leaving 6 million people without power for 9 hours, the Exon Valdez spilled 240,000 barrels of oil, the Hillborough disaster killed 96 Liverpool supporters, the Tiananmen Square massacre left 2,600 student dead, the Cold War officially ended, and 645 Russians died in the Ufa train disaster.
The previous conjunct of Uranus to Kaus Medius in 1905 saw a mine explosion in Courrieres which killed 1,060 French miners, the devastation of Naples by Mount Vesuvius, and a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco which killed 3,000 people.] - funky astro uk

This Gulf Oil Spill crisis is a major wake up call to find community with Gaia.  Earth Mother bleeds.  What shall we do? Each of us takes the actions we are inspired to.  Don't doubt yourself, follow through on your instincts.  You intentions mean much, make them the best you able to imagine. 

{In the chart for the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves into Cancer and opposes Pluto, while Pluto squares Jupiter/Uranus which are opposing Saturn. That is, summer intensification arrives in the frequency field of a Grand Square in early cardinal signs (except for Saturn in late Virgo racing for cardinal Libra). During this Solstice, the Cardinal Crunch goes into first gear and culminates during the next New Moon on July 11, a total solar eclipse. When planets are in early cardinal signs, we are initiating a whole new creative phase as the old forms collapse, and the Grand Square locks in this new phase. Grand Squares are rare astrological configurations that force us to totally change ourselves by integrating the great creative potential of oppositions.} Barbara Hand Clow's Astroflash!  read the whole post.

Ms. Clow goes on to shine her interpretive light onto what the greater gains are this summer: she forecasts a collapsing of the three main monotheistic religions, finally, as they succumb to 'vortex of war and sexual abuse'.  ( There can be no lying to ourselves or avoidance with Jupiter/Uranus in such a close square to the Solstice Sun, especially since the Sun exactly squares Uranus during the evening of the Solstice. This intense square will shake out the angry people who resist changing our world. Pluto in Capricorn, courageously leading the ultimate transformation of our world for the next twenty years, is right there opposing the Solstice Sun; Pluto demands deep change now. Meanwhile, Pluto is pushed to the max by the Uranus/Jupiter square. Grumbling from the inner Earth, Pluto says, "You can't survive unless you are honest and care for life on this planet now.")

No where does the need to 'wake up' to the dissolving environment exist in a more glaring spotlight than in America.  We are in the midst of what will probably become the most horrendous environmentally destructive, eco-disaster, in the history of the world.  
We must put our collective focus on solutions to the economic, environmental, sociological, war mongering idiocy that is marching a majority of Americans back to that ole reliable: the edge of destruction.   
Visualize healing, solutions to our global dilemmas.  
Picture the Gulf of Mexico back to blue.  

A video on HPB, enjoy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor my eyes - Hoagland interview on methane gas pocket in the Gulf

have seen the years, and the slow parade of tears...
as the climate clock metronomes furiously towards game over.  We won't hear what the Earth Mother pleads to us!  Communicating through her elements, she tells us we have to 'return to our senses'!  Soon, our senses will be unable to escape the graphic and chilling new awareness: we will see, hear, feel, smell and taste it all and when that happens... en masse, we will have to change to survive. 
Julie Gray over @ HuffPo posted a piece on grieving in which she offered us this  startling eventuality; "Suicide is the mother of all woulda-coulda-shoulda the why the whys the whys.  Suicide is the howl that sucks out your breath and hallows out your insides in one jagged pull."   It says___ how much distance our modern lives have put between us and the holistic reality of death and devastation, we only observe it from a distance.   We won't see or hear our own lapse into suicide as a species.   The oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico the latest and most significant signal to us.
Then there is just the complete idiocy of the past imperfect leadership:

We have not been given all the facts in what is happening, either.  There is another deadly reality laying in wait for us in all of this for us:
Methane clathrate, also called methane hydrate, methane ice or "fire ice" is a solid clathrate compound (more specifically, a clathrate hydrate) in which a large amount of methane is trapped within a crystal structure of water, forming a solid similar to ice.[1] Originally thought to occur only in the outer regions of the Solar System where temperatures are low and water ice is common, significant deposits of methane clathrate have been found under sediments on the ocean floors of Earth.[2] Wikipedia
In the less common second type found near the sediment surface some samples have a higher proportion of longer-chain hydrocarbons (<99% methane) contained in a structure II clathrate. Carbon from this type of clathrate is isotopically heavier (δ13C is -29 to -57 ‰) and is thought to have migrated upwards from deep sediments, where methane was formed by thermal decomposition of organic matter. Examples of this type of deposit have been found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caspian Sea.[8]

The point is, methane clathrate is highly reoccurring in the Gulf of Mexico due to organic decomp from the petroleum mining, the primary activity in the Gulf for over 50  years.  
The following excerpts from Coast to Coast AM radio reveal a theory Dr. Richard Hoagland is espousing.  Something awesomely frightening.  I worked with Hoagland on the Miami Circle several years ago; he had a heart attack while he explored the origins of the site with us.  He recovered very well, but I have to say___
his theories have been a boggle, every since.  Still, you have to give a listen to what he trying to warn us about.  This methane problem is seeping into the dialogues of Anderson Cooper and even Robert Redford.  Listen to these excerpts from the radio show: 

Beneath the Bahama's, a bubble or geodetic blob was discovered in the late 80's.  The US Navy charted - found it using the same electronics: GPS and depth finding sonar equipment.  Being obscure, and unconfirmed, the Navy did not even publish or report the anomaly, while the scientists involved in the recovery of data eventually published the information online.  
There is plenty of plausibility for this dangerous situation.  Is it true?  It would be nice to know with some certainty.  Coast to Coast AM is not exactly my first choice for duly diligent research on this matter.  However; when you consult the past, it's been the outrageous 'media' where the awful truth hid prior to exposition / impact.  I think you can see where I'm going here....  
at least I hope you can.  If the conversation is continued, then the 'facts' or the story has to exposed and explored.   We have been lied to by the government and BP throughout this incident.  There is no reason for any of us to "believe" they are telling us the complete truth or the whole story on what is happening on the ocean floor.  Senator Bill Nelson of Florida has been trying to bring attention to the fact of all the fissures and 'cracks' in the ocean floor and the dangers no one is paying enough to ...

I'm just saying....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Milky Way stellar blow out...

The star (white dot in center of red ring) is one of the most massive stellar residents of our Milky Way galaxy. Objects like this are called Wolf-Rayet stars, after the astronomers who found the first few, and they make our sun look puny by comparison. Called V385 Carinae, this star is 35 times as massive as our sun, with a diameter nearly 18 times as large. It's hotter, too, and shines with more than one million times the amount of light.
Fiery candles like this burn out quickly, leading short lives of only a few million years. As they age, they blow out more and more of the heavier atoms cooking inside them—atoms such as oxygen that are needed for life as we know it.